When I went to Jamaica in 2010 I was single, traveling solo, and on budget. And in my search for bargain deals I came across a sweet little gem called The Caribic House in Montego Bay. Depending on the season you go prices will fluctuate, but I believe I only paid $50 a night double bed room with a sea view and airport shuttle. It was great! The room was on the top floor, very clean and had  french doors that led out to a  quaint, private balcony that overlooked that Caribbean. This is the perfect place to get to stay amongst the locals and not just go Sandal’s Beach resort where your just surrounded by a bunch of overweight white people. The Caribic House is located only about 100 yards away from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. There you can sample fresh fish that day or enjoy a little bit of the USA with a cheeseburger in paradise.

Located about 100-150 yards past Margaritaville is one of Montego Bay’s best Jamaican Jerk houses called “The Pork Pit”. Hands down the best Jamaican Jerk I’ve ever heard and you get plenty of bang for your buck. Located about 50 yards from the Caribic is a private beach called “Doc’s Beach”. It only a couple bucks to get in and is a great place to snorkel or freedive. The Caribic House staff was very friendly and helped my arrange for a two SCUBA tank dive that was being ran out of the Sandal’s resort that was about an $8-10 cab ride away. At this time I was not yet a certified open water diver, but after watching a safety video and proving my breathing and swimming prowles in one of their many huge pools, I was off to another SCUBA adventure. After I finished two great SCUBA dives I walked back out to the main entrance and called the number of a gentlemen who had given me his “Tourism” business card.

From there we agreed on $80 for him to be my personal chauffeur taking my around to famous sites in Montego Bay, Rick’s Cafe (famous restaurant and cliff diving spot), Seven Mile beach in Negril, and then off-roading through the mountains back to Montego Bay. As soon as I got back to my hotel, went to have a drink at Margaritaville and there I made some new friends that invited me to come to a private locals party that was being put on by Appleton’s Rum. I was a party I’ll never forget to say the least. I was only in Montego Bay for the a few days, but i definitely made the most of it thanks to the warm and welcoming people of Jamaica.


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