A few tips to get started

For my first blog post I will share some of the methods I use to travel on a budget.

  1. Check to see about costs for travel visas to visit your destination(s). For example a lot countries ask for little to no costs for a temporary travel visa, but some countries try to get greedy and charge outrageous rates such as $238 to enter Bolivia or $500 to enter Brazil (even if it’s for an 8 hour cruise ship stop).
  2. Always try to book your departure and returns days on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. These seem to be the cheapest days to fly.
  3. Watch the flight number that you want to take over a couple day period so you can see when prices fluctuate do to peek hours throughout the day/night. For example a flight may be slightly more expensive during lunch hours as opposed to booking a flight at late night hours when there is less traffic.
  4. Book your flight 6 months out from when you want to leave. I generally find it easier to get better prices and it gives me plenty of time to save for my trip and strategically plan out the sites I wanna see.
  5.  Pack your luggage or backpack only half to 3/4 full so that you have room buy clothes along your journey and have room for souvenirs.
  6. Look up the countries you are visiting and see what types of vaccinations are required to travel. You can could arrive in the airport and not be allowed to enter into the country because you don’t have proper vaccination documentation.
  7. Always set aside Contingency money for the unknown (rooms, cars, food, etc) that you may run short on and always need.
  8. Use your smartphone to triangulate off cell towers or ping off nearby wifi to use google maps to get around town. Just make sure you turn off your roaming option first or it could get expensive.
  9. When landing in a new country and you don’t know what the going rate is for a taxi, make sure the driver puts on the meter until you get an idea of the costs to get around.
  10. Download the DUOLINGO app on your smartphone and start learning the language you want for free! You can practice anywhere with the mobile app and can continue your progress on your desktop PC at WWW.DUOLINGO.COM.


11. Buy a watch that has built in GPS. I personally recommend the Suunto Brand.

12. Photocopy your passport and leave a copy with a relative/friend.

13. Take picture of your passport with your smartphone so it’s always with you even when your leave the real one back at the hotel.


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